This IPA Is Working To Make Election Day A Federal Holiday

10.16.18 8 months ago 4 Comments

Blue Point Brewing Co

Everyone likes a day off from work. They seem to exist in an ephemeral plane where you don’t have to clean or do chores. Instead, most of us use them as a time to binge some entertainment, enjoy good company, eat some epic food, and down a couple of beers.

Election Day, on the other hand, is the worst of all worlds. Not only are employees often asked to put in a full day (voting rules vary) but they also have to brave the polls before settling in for the night to watch the results come in. And, man, recent elections have proven that there may not be a day on which we more deserve a chance to chill and drink.

Blue Point Brewing recognizes the dilemma and they are prepared to do something about it. Spurred forward by company president Jenna Lally’s passion to increase voter engagement, the brand has released Voters’ Day Off, a beer designed to encourage Congress to establish Election Day as a federal holiday. In addition to the IPA, the brand has also launched a petition aimed at Congress through

Inspired by the example of her own father, who worked two jobs and went to school at night in addition to parenting four children, Lally is well aware there are a variety of reasons people have difficulty making it to the polls.

“It affects many Americans,” she noted in an email to Food&Wine. “There are fellow citizens on our Blue Point social media pages telling their own stories—someone commuting on the 6 p.m. LIRR train and not making it back to Long Island in time to feed their kids and make it to the polls; a RN who works doubles and has a long commute; someone trying to make ends meet working 13 to 20 hours a day. I want them to know that Blue Point not only hears them and supports them, but we are also trying to rally Congress to make this change by using our voice and our beer.”

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