Washington’s Olympic Peninsula Is The Chilled Out Spring Break You’ve Been Longing For


Spring Break has a lot of common denominators: Florida’s Coast, beach parties, Cancun, clubs full of foam, San Diego, endless fish tacos, El Carib, copious amounts of sugary cocktails. You know the drill: Sun, fun, and plenty of booze.

We can respect that. Winter’s finally over. Summer is months away. We all need a break from the churn every now and then. We need to let loose, discover new corners of the world (and ourselves) and have a good damn time to boot. In short, SPRRAAAAAANG BREAAAAAAK, yo.

But not everyone loves going to the sun-baked beaches of Florida to drink cheap beer and get a sunburn. There’s a whole world of experiences out there just waiting for you. Why not change it up this year? Why not go on an adventure of discovery right in America’s own backyard? Maybe it’s the year you surf beaches that few surfed, eat seafood straight from the sea, climb mountains in a park that doesn’t even have a road through it, and spend a week eating and drinking somewhere new.

Maybe 2018’s Spring Break is the year you’re the outlier. Maybe this is the year you check out western Washington’s Olympic Peninsula and let it rock your gypsy soul.

The Olympic Peninsula is one of the most remote and inaccessible places in the United States. A 50-minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle and you’ll be in a wholly new world to you that’s decidedly ancient. There are mythical rainforests, endless sandy beaches, insane surf breaks, untouched alpine peaks, sleepy towns frozen in Victorian amber, and plenty of great food and drink around every curve of Highway 101.

We’ve cobbled together a sample itinerary to whet your appetite for a Spring Break somewhere unexpected, rewarding, and straight up gorgeous. These are places we’ve visited and vetted, and they’re definitely worth your time!