Wendy’s And Burger King Are Beefing On Twitter And The Internet Loves It

The beef is real. Well, the beef between Wendy’s and Burger King is real. The jury is still out on what they’re serving, but Wendy’s threw a massive dis the way of Burger King when Burger King sub-tweeted Wendy’s 4 for $4 deal. It started here:

Then Burger King was like, nah, we’re better because we have FIVE items for four bucks:

Boom. But when an astute fan of fast food social media noticed the sub-tweet, he brought Wendy’s into the fray. The result – a sick burn.

This is reminiscent of when IHOP threw major shade at McDonald’s when they made the (desperate/genius) move to start serving breakfast all day. In that battle for the stomachs of busy people across the nation, Twitter would draw lines and take sides.

It seems like the A-Bomb thrown by Wendy’s finished the war quickly, and left Burger King char-broiled. Twitter was celebrating the comeback with its usual fervor:

It was such a perfect response I’m starting to sweat just by writing this. I want to do push-ups then dip fries into a Frosty. I want to put fries into my mouth and then do a push-up so the fries dip into the Frosty then unleash a guttural scream of glory.

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