Peek Inside The World Of Professional Cake Sitting

what is cake sitting

One of the things that makes sexuality thrilling is that, though there are a pretty limited number of body parts to work into a configuration, the brain, with its boundless imagination, can get pretty darn creative. A few props and a little ingenuity is all it takes to keep sex, the oldest recreational sport ever, weird — leading to heaps of super fun, super satisfying fetishes. That’s not to say that vanilla sex isn’t a good time, too… it’s just not the sort of vanilla we’re in the mood to discuss.

Nope. Right now we’re talking vanilla cake and its role in the sensual act of cake sitting.

Cake sitting falls into the category of sploshing, which is rubbing food on one’s body for sexual enjoyment. And sploshing is a type of wet and messy play, which is all about getting covered in sticky, goopy substances (not necessarily food based). Some people are really into the tactile sensations associated with getting sticky. Others are all about watching another person get good and filthly. Thankfully, there are enough people into both that everyone can get off.


Food play with cake is pretty niche, but cake sitting has definitely been working its way into our collective consciousness. Christina Aguilera sat on a cake while wearing a wedding dress during an Out magazine shoot in 2010. Articles about the scene and references to it in popular media have been growing ever since. The fetish is a lot of things, but it’s no longer underground.

Enter Lindsay Dye, pro cake-sitter and artist. She’s been performing with cake since 2015, but still feels society will need a lot of growth before her profession is fully embraced.

“I think people are ashamed of fetishes just because it has to do with the society we live in, the fact that we are not completely sex positive yet,” says Dye.

We are definitely down with increased sex positivity, and we hope that people with fetishes continue to find greater and greater acceptance (without being robbed of the perversion that makes them so fun). To learn more about cake sitting and why Dye will never work with pie, check out the full video.