Nick Offerman Is Here To Sip Scotch With You All New Year’s Eve

In these troubling times, it’s good to know that Nick Offerman is always here with a glass of whisky to make us feel like everything is going to be okay. That’s because the comedic actor, author and acclaimed woodworker is back for the newest installment of his “My Tales of Whisky” Youtube series.

Two years ago, he wandered around the Scottish Island of Islay (Well known for its sheep and Scotch distilleries) strumming on a guitar and explaining how difficult it is to play said guitar while drinking whisky. Last year, the star of Parks and Recreation and Fargo sat in front of a fireplace, silently sipping Scotch for 45 minutes. Who needs Netflix’s Yule Log when you have Offerman staring at you as a fire gently dances in the background for three quarters of an hour.

The third installment is an hour-long New Year’s Eve themed video. What makes it a New Year’s Eve video, we don’t really know. If you decided to watch the whole thing (why wouldn’t you?), you’ll be treated to Offerman, sitting in front of the historic Lagavulin Whisky Distillery in Islay, as he silently stares at you while he enjoys glass after glass of said whisky. Our guess is that you’re supposed to start watching the mesmerizing video exactly an hour before the New Year.

As for the man himself, “I never make New Year’s resolutions because I apply myself to every day of the year in a fashion that can only be described as ‘resolute’,” says Offermen. “Because I am not a fool, my determined recipe for delicious living naturally involves a responsible savoring of Lagavulin.” Plus, who needs the cliche trappings of celebration when you and a party full of guests can sit quietly for an hour, contemplating your existence as you stare into the bearded face of wisdom that is Nick Offerman.