Whole Foods Is Recalling More Products That Might Potentially Kill You

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No matter how insufferable Whole Foods’ asparagus water and pre-peeled oranges are, they probably won’t kill you. What will? Pasta salad and macadamia nuts. Maybe.

That’s according to the store’s latest recall. The pasta salad, sold under the name “Whole Foods Pesto Pasta Salad w/Arugula” between June 15 and 16 in Nevada, Arizona, and California, is being recalled on suspicion of listeria contamination, making it Whole Foods’ sixth recall this month for listeria.

The macadamia nuts, on the other hand, are being recalled for possible salmonella contamination. The recalled nuts, labeled as “Whole Foods Raw Macadamia Nuts” were sold in six-ounce tubs in California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington stores, with best-by dates between August 21 and November 6.

Both of the most recent recalls came from outside manufacturers — the macadamia nuts from Marin Food Specialties, and the pasta salad from Green Cuisine, which itself used possibly-effected peas from National Frozen Foods. And in both cases, no illnesses have been reported. Still, the recalls sure don’t look good for the company, which was warned by the FDA last week about a food-prep facility in Massachusetts that gave health inspectors “serious concerns.”

Think you’ve got some food that falls under the recall? You can go back to Whole Foods for a full refund, but only if you’ve still got proof of your purchase lying around (though they skew toward “trusting” on these recalls). Otherwise, you’ll probably just have to toss that leftover pasta salad and figure out how to make something similar from scratch, hold the listeria and salmonella.

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