Win A Dream Trip With Your Dad To The Concert Of The Year

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John Varvatos

Let’s face it, your dad is the coolest guy you know. Because whether you were tinkering together on the junk car he bought you in high school, building a bookshelf out in the garage, or awkwardly navigating birds and bees, he taught you everything. Your dad — and we’re giving the old man the benefit of the doubt here — was there the first time you caught a ball on the field and your first wave in the ocean. He stood behind you when you learned to pedal your bike without training wheels, cheering you as the wind rushed past your face, and he was ready with a band aid when you inevitably crashed. He was that dude reminding you to try again, giving you advice on the next approach, and telling you to never give up.

That’s what a good dad does. He makes you cooler and smarter, but he also gives you all the tools to succeed. Together, there’s no project too big, and no challenge too daunting. When you knew your dad had your back, nothing scared you in the world. He didn’t just provide you with food on the table, your dad gave you experiences.

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