‘Yellowstone Live’ Will Make You Want To Visit A National Park ASAP


If you think Yellowstone is “just a park” you probably haven’t seen Yellowstone Live — which began its four-night simulcast last night on National Geographic and Nat Geo Wild. Yellowstone Live seeks to cover the expanse of the 3,500 square miles of the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem, using state of the art camera technology to give viewers an exclusive look at the region’s most sweeping landscapes and highly revered wildlife.

Watching the show makes one thing very clear: we all need to visit at least one National Park this summer. Gather your wolfpack and let’s go howl at the moon. Or do whatever these guys are doing.

Right now is primetime in Yellowstone. Life is emerging from a bitter-winter, flowers are blooming, rivers are rushing, sinuses are going f*cking nuts, and Nat Geo has called on the talents of Emmy award-winning cinematographer Bob Poole (Earth Live) and revered wildlife cinematographer Susan Gibson, of Plant Earth II fame, to capture it all.

Using eight live crews and 25 cameras deployed across the park, Yellowstone Live captures the region in ways we could never enjoy first hand — like watching all the drama of black bear cubs hunting bison calves, or getting an up-close look at cougars, wolves, or eagle nests. The special presentation is hosted by journalist Josh Elliot and animal expert Chris Packham along with on-the-ground reporting from Jenna Wolfe. The simulcast kicks off a week of programming from National Geographic aimed at celebrating America’s National Parks, which includes show like Yellowstone After Dark, which promises to capture the park’s stunning wildlife in detail at night, for the first time in televised history.

‘Yellowstone Live’ will air each night from now until June 26th at 9/8c on National Geographic and Nat Geo Wild.