’10 Cloverfield Lane’ Has Already Started Its Viral Marketing

J.J. Abrams’ Cloverfield sequel, 10 Cloverfield Lane, appeared suddenly, surprising everyone. And even though the movie is arriving in a month or so, that doesn’t mean it won’t have a viral marketing campaign much like its big brother.

If you weren’t paying attention in 2008, Cloverfield had a massive ARG campaign that some argued was better than the movie it promoted. It was elaborate, and filled in a lot of blanks about the movie. But there is no vast conspiracy unfolding here, right? We already know the monster is on the loose. Well, not so fast.

One of the key pieces of the movie’s background, Tagruato, is a drilling company that happens to make a soft drink called “Slusho” out of “seabed’s nectar.” After Cloverfield arrived, the Tagruato website stopped operating, but it’s recently fired up again. It doesn’t mention much, aside from some vague legal threats, but the email is new and the date is clearly highlighted to remind people that it’s current, no less.

Another aspect is the soda you see in the trailer, Swamp Pop. Unlike Slusho, it’s a real soda and you can order four packs online. Needless to say, ARG chasers already have, and the soda comes with a puzzle piece from the same puzzle you see being assembled in the movie. The site even has a “long-term shelter supply” offer that’s sold out, and ties into what we suspect will be an important number for the ARG, 4813; 4813 also happens to be the number John Goodman plugs into the jukebox in the opening of the trailer.

We’re not sure what else will be coming, but it’ll likely explain why, precisely, those three people are down in that bunker and what they might be dealing with. In the meantime, that Swamp Pop looks pretty good, ARG gags or no.

(Via /Film)