These Cult Favorite Ghost Movies On Netflix And Amazon Will Creep You Out

05.31.15 4 years ago 12 Comments


As children, it’s safe to say that besides bees, icebergs and dying alone (just me?) most people’s first fear was ghosts. Ghost movies stick with you. Ghosts are haunting, lingering, ominous and, besides Casper and Patrick Swayze, they’re not typically considered adorable. Also, there is a 99% chance that ghosts AND all the movies made about them are 100% real. That’s just some science that I made up because it’s gotta be true.

Whether you like the jump-scares, gross-out haunting tales, or slow-burn ghostly thrillers, there is currently something streaming just for you. Here’s our guide to some old classics, new frights, and future favorites that you can check out or revisit from the comfort of your couch. Or recliner. #NoJudgements

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