Michael Bay’s Inexplicable Benghazi Movie, ’13 Hours,’ Has Its First Trailer

When we first reported that Michael Bay was making a film about Benghazi, the source of so many anti-Clinton Republican rants, you probably thought it was a load of bull. When we told you The Office‘s John Krasinski would play a navy seal in the film, you probably thought we were full of sh*t. Well guess what, folks? The first trailer for Bay’s 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi is here, and it’s in glorious (albeit full-frontal carnage-less) red band.

So what does this first trailer mean for Bay’s serious take on a recent bit of historical drama? What, pray tell, might we be able to predict about Bay’s direction, or Krasinski and James Badge Dale’s acting? Watch the trailer above and make your own deductions. However, I can’t shake the feeling that what I just watched was some sort of patriotic, Team America: World Police-inspired combination of Black Hawk Down and Lone Survivor.

So where’s Marky Mark’s Tranformers-less cameo, then?

(Via Paramount Pictures)