Master Chief From ‘Halo’ And Some Med Students Break Stuff In These ‘Office Space’ Spoofs

Ever felt ragey feelings about your modem or your printer? Ever felt like taking those gadgets or some other piece of tech out into a field to beat the ever loving sh*t out of it? Of course you have. That’s why the marvelous and cathartic printer scene (above) from Office Space is so perfect. Taking merciless revenge on crappy devices to the sweet sounds of Geto Boys’ “Still” sounds like pure bliss. And perhaps unsurprisingly, many have attempted to recreate this scene. Many, many.

Most are pretty standard, but there are some that catch the eye, so here are five interesing takes on the classic.


These young lads finally had it with their PS3 and they beat it to smithereens in the name of fun. Pretty great re-creation, but wouldn’t it have made more sense if it was a Red Ring Of Death Xbox?

Master Chief Does Not Like Replicas

Ever wonder what it would be like to watch Master Chief and his pals from Halo beating the tar out of some flimsy helmets in a field? You seriously have? Well, knock yourself out.

The Doctors Are In 

This isn’t really a viscious beat-down, but I think Doctor’s have to swear some kind of “first do no harm” oath, so it all makes sense.

All The Gadgets!

Justine Ezarik and the good people over at Spike TV created this “explosive” lil promo a la Office Space for her exploration of the Consumer Electronics Show.

Family Guy

The folks at Family Guy take their spoofs seriously. Like, frame-for-frame seriously.