Let’s Re-Live Angelina Jolie’s Most Badass Action Sequences

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06.04.15 4 Comments

While she’s transitioned to more dramatic roles in front of and behind the camera, Angelina Jolie cemented herself on the A-list by becoming one of Hollywood’s most sought after action stars. With the combination of her fearlessness and sexuality, Jolie was (and is) a force to be reckoned with whenever she exploded onto the screen. She always had an air of mystery and maybe more than a hint of scariness, but that combination has always been part of her allure. Sure, she’ll rock your world, but she will probably kick your ass, too. She looks as natural behind the wheel of a sports car as she does with a gun in her hand, a feat that many actors have trouble pulling off. With that in mind, let’s revisit some of the high-octane roles that made Angelina Jolie a star.

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