A Connecticut Man Was Arrested For Threatening To Recreate ‘Falling Down’ In A Burger King

A few years ago there was a rumor that Warner Bros. was looking to remake the 1993 drama Falling Down, which starred Michael Douglas as a man whose life shattered around him, causing him to lose his sh*t on a rampage across Los Angeles. A remake was a bad idea for two reasons: 1) The original is a masterpiece, and 2) People don’t need any ideas like that right now. Case in point, a 55-year old Manchester, Connecticut man showed up to a Burger King for breakfast yesterday, and when Gary Kuhn was informed that he was too late, he promised to do his best William Foster impression.

Seriously. He threatened to recreate the entire fast food joint scene over a damn Croissan’wich. According to the Hartford Courant:

At about 10:55 a.m., Kuhn, 55, ordered breakfast at the Burger King on Center Street, but was told that breakfast service had ended at 10:30 a.m., Davis said.

“Have you ever seen the movie, ‘Falling Down’ with Michael Douglas?” Kuhn asked the cashier, according to Davis. “It’s a movie you should watch.”

Kuhn told the cashier the main character in the movie shot up a burger joint after being denied breakfast and added, “That’s what I feel like doing,” Davis said. Kuhn then threw a coupon at the cashier and walked out, Davis said.

McDonald’s plan to serve breakfast all day suddenly seems like the best decision for the entire fast food industry.