A ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Showing In Scotland Featured An Alleged Stabbing And Women Vomiting In Aisles

OK, there’s a lot to cover about this Valentine’s Day showing of Fifty Shades of Grey in Glasgow, Scotland. Not only is there vomiting, drunk patrons, a stabbing, and police intervention (my favorite things), we also get some snarky witnesses to talk about how it all went down.

The incident began after our male victim decided it would be a good idea to shush some very loud, very drunk ladies who were there trying to enjoy all the passion on the screen. That translated to passion all up in his face as the trio allegedly decided to “glass” him, stabbing him with a broken wine glass or wine bottle. That’s conflicting for a number of reasons, the main being all the alcohol in attendance.

These claims are being disputed by police according to the Telegraph, but it’s clear something happened from witnesses at the scene. Michael Bolton was there to see the movie with his wife and he provided details on the aftermath of the fiasco inside the theater, but also a short critique of the movie itself. From The Telegraph:

“Besides being the worst film I have ever seen, three women were getting arrested and put in a police van when we arrived.

“A woman came out the theatre and said that a guy had been glassed.

“One woman was in handcuffs and another two women were in tears. She said that three or four girls had been very loud and were shouting.

“The man had asked them to shut up and he was glassed. It’s a cinema where you can buy drink.

“Only in Glasgow are police called to the cinema. This type of behaviour happens at pubs and nightclubs, but you don’t expect that at a cinema.

“The guys at the cinema were tidying up the blood before going in. They were wiping down seats before the start of the 8.20pm film.

“There were also several incredibly drunk women vomiting in the aisle and corridor and several complaints from the other screen about drunk and rowdy folk.”

And then he whipped his hair out of the way and went on to sing the greatest ballad the town had ever heard, floating away into the night sky.

Some witnesses couldn’t believe this was happening in Glasgow, while others said that the victim was hit with the bottle and not cut. The Police and theater are attempting to clear up exactly what happened, but they have released statements on the events:

“This was an isolated incident that was dealt with rapidly by cinema staff and stewards, as a result of which, Police Scotland attended and made an arrest.

“Despite press reports, nobody was glassed and a wine bottle was not used as a weapon. Those involved did not require hospital attention.

“We welcomed nearly 2000 customers over the weekend, including four further showings on Saturday night which passed without incident.”

A few things about this incident and everything that surrounded it. First, I’m sure these folks are happy that their name is forever connected to a movie like Fifty Shades of Grey, or is connected for as long as the Internet is still operational.

Second, I’m almost positive that this is not the first time that the wait staff at the theater has had to wipe up fluids at a Fifty Shades of Grey showing. Their life is horrible and they probably pray for the sweet release of death each and every morning. And when they go, the last thing they’ll see is a gang of middle aged women bent over into the aisles, vomiting up unhealthy amounts of wine and Raisinets.

(Via The Wrap / Telegraph)