Adam Driver Says Kylo Ren’s Mask Was ‘Terrible’

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Star Wars costumes are not famous for their comfort or ease of use, which is why the franchise has so many jokes about a stormtrooper getting a concussion. But apparently Kylo Ren’s helmet took it to a new level, according to Adam Driver.

Driver couldn’t see much out of his helmet, or as he puts it:

To this day, I still don’t know who’s in the movie because I haven’t seen anybody.

Oscar Isaac also helpfully chimes in that Driver had to keep reminding him that he was actually under the mask, which we’re sure didn’t get tiresome. Sadly, lightsaber fights are not discussed, but we bet there were a few missed cues and thwacked knuckles.

That said, we do have to wonder at this point why the Empire keeps those silly helmets. If stormtrooper marksmanship is anything to go by, they hinder aim, limit peripheral vision, and don’t really seem to do much against blaster fire. Unless the emperor has some sort of buddy-buddy deal with the armor manufacturer, it seems like they’d be better off just running around with bare heads. At least give these troops a chance to survive against Han and Chewie, Emperor!

(via Team Coco)

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