Adam Sandler’s Commencement Speech Is A Must-Watch For Martin Scorsese Fans (And Everyone, Really)

Adam Sandler completed 12 grades of school in less than six months. The man is an expert at education, which is why the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University asked him to deliver a commencement speech to graduating seniors. (I guess there’s no hard feelings to the NYU professor who told him to quit acting.)

Sandler dedicated a portion of his speech to the parents in the crowd, including none other than Martin Scorsese (the legendary Oscar-winning director, who earned his bachelor’s from the university in 1964 and master’s in 1968, is very involved with NYU). “Parents, listen to me. You guys really messed up,” the Uncut Gems star said. “You might be supporting these kids for a very long time. They are not leaving the nest any time soon. This is a tough business they chose, but there’s still time to talk them out of it. I’m trying to talk my kids out of show business, and they know f*cking Adam Sandler.”

Sandler then offered up a piece of advice to any mom or dad who wants to have sex alone in their house again. “Somehow slip your kid’s headshot to Mr. Martin Scorsese before this event ends. He’ll love it, I promise… and do not take no for an answer. That’s how Leo’s mom did it.” You can see Scorsese’s reaction in the video below.

Between Sandler and Taylor Swift, it was a good year to graduate from New York University (besides the crippling student loan debt, but that’s every year). Tough break for next year’s graduating seniors, who get Rob Schneider and Meghan Trainor.