This Yearbook Signed By A Young Adam Sandler Proves He’s Always Had A Thing For Dirty Jokes

Redditor teeejaaaaaay never believed his mother’s stories about going to school with Adam Sandler. But he should have. Because Sandler was apparently so close to Liz “Renly” Reynolds that he felt perfectly comfortable scribbling penis jokes in her yearbook:

Does anything summarize the life of Adam Sandler more succinctly than this image? It’s like some divine entity predetermined his entire future based solely on this yearbook page. “Let’s see, Sandler. Dick joke: check. ‘Most Popular’: check. I’ve seen enough. This one makes a career of riding immature humor to box office riches.”

If you can’t read Sandler’s handwriting above, here’s a quick transcript:

My dear dear Renly,

In a couch you lay
In a chair I sat
With my permission
You can feel my bat

I love you,
Adeem Saandlaar

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