In Honor Of ‘Hitman: Agent 47,’ We Ranked All 47 ‘Hitman: Agent’ Movies

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Hitman Agent 47


Hitman: Agent 47, the 47th installment of the Hitman: Agent series, hits theaters today. In honor of this long-running, beloved series, we decided to take a look back at the previous 46 Hitman: Agent movies and rank them from worst to best. Where will the new 47th cinematic adventure of the Hitman rank someday? Well, we will just have to wait and see.

Let us know if we misjudged your favorite Hitman: Agent movie. Did we rank one too high? Too low? Let us know!

46. Hitman: Agent 11 (1982) Al Pacino, Louise Fletcher

A complete money grab, only using unused footage from the filming of Hitman: Agent 10. Pacino, Fletcher and director Sidney Lumet sued the studio, eventually settling out of court for a still unspecified amount.

45. Hitman: Agent 3 (1965) Bob Hope, Bing Crosby

Unofficially the last of Hope and Crosby’s On the Road movies, it just couldn’t capture the tone of that beloved series coupled with the grittiness needed for a Hitman: Agent movie. Pure schlock.

44. Hitman: Agent 37 (2005) Jamie Foxx, Quick Draw McGraw

Directed by Clint Eastwood and animated using interpolated rotoscope, audiences weren’t ready for such a shift in visual tone, especially coming off Leonardo DiCaprio’s Golden Globe win for Hitman: Agent 36. At the first test screening, Eastwood was quoted as saying, “Wait, that was my movie? What?”

43. Hitman: Agent 30 (1998) Ben Affleck, Kyle Damon

Most notable for being the only on-screen pairing of Ben Affleck and Kyle Damon. A planned sequel starring Casey Affleck and Matt Damon was scrapped.

42. Hitman: Agent 19 (1987) Andrew McCarthy, Phoebe Cates

McCarthy did everything he could to break out of the “Brat Pack” persona, and he finally succeeded with the Hitman: Agent series and, to this very day, it’s what he’s most remembered for.

41. Hitman: Agent 26 (1994) Brendan Fraser, Kelly Preston

The baseball-themed plot proved disastrous as this was released after Major League Baseball players went on strike, canceling the World Series. Audiences showed so much disdain for this entry, Hitman: Agent 27 almost never happened. Can you even imagine a world in which Hitman: Agent 27 doesn’t exist?

40. Hitman: Agent 10 (1978) Al Pacino, Louise Fletcher

Production was famously shut down for weeks as director Sidney Lumet battled the harsh on-location setting of the Moon. As legend has it, star Al Pacino bellowed “hoo ah” for the first time in his life when he saw Earth from the Moon’s surface. During filming of Scent of a Woman, Pacino would use these memories in an effort to get into character.

39. Hitman: Agent 33 (2001) Julia Roberts, Jude Law

Often regarded as Spielberg’s best film, the 33rd entry into the Hitman: Agent series was one of the first to use online gimmickry in an effort to entice tech-savvy moviegoers. Contestants who played the online game could win the chance to meet *NSYNC member Chris Kirkpatrick, who had a small role in the film.

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