All The Questions The ‘Suicide Squad’ Cast Photo Left Us With

We’ve seen the cast photo, we’ve debated its merits, but most importantly, it’s left us with a multitude of questions. For example…

What’s Katana doing in this movie?

Katana’s appearance just raises the larger question of what she’s doing on the team: She’s a superhero in the usual DCU and doesn’t have much in the way of connection to the Suicide Squad in the comics. So, what’s she doing in Belle Reve? Is she keeping an eye on these villains? Is she unjustly arrested?

Who are Scott Eastwood, Common, and Jay Meraz playing?

The photo had some pretty interesting revelations, like Adam Beach playing the obscure villain Slipknot and Jay Hernandez playing El Diablo. But there are still quite a few holes in the cast: Common, Scott Eastwood, and Alex Meraz are all cast but their roles are still under wraps. We know who they’re rumored to be played; Common is supposedly Black Manta, and Eastwood is allegedly Steve Trevor. Meraz obviously has a smaller role since he just started shooting six days ago, but it does raise a question or two.

Are there more villains than we’ve been told?

Notably missing from this collection of protagonists are a few pretty big names. For example, we don’t see Jim Parrack’s Deathstroke or Raymond Olubowale’s King Shark. The latter may be due to the likely extensive CGI needed to bring the character to life, but the former is an intriguing omission.

Throw in the rumors that we won’t just see the Joker, but also Lex Luthor, and there are a heck of a lot of potential villains running around this movie. Well, besides the team of villains in that photo, obviously.

Just how egotistical is Deadshot?

Sharp-eyed fans have noticed that Deadshot has the phrase “I am the light, the way” written on his armor, his rifle, and possibly even his wrist guns. It would seem to be a loose translation of John 14:6, which is Jesus explaining to Thomas that yes, he is the son of God, and the only way to Heaven is to listen to Jesus, so stop frickin’ whining and get on the Christ train. Considering Deadshot’s propensity for dressing like Shaft, it’s safe to say the guy’s got just a bit of an ego on him, but wow. Even for a superhero movie, that’s not terribly subtle.

Overall, though, I’ll be curious to see this team in action. Especially when they start picking off members: Don’t get too attached to Slipknot there.