AMC Is Developing An All-Horror Movie Streaming Service

AMC’s Fear Fest (formerly Monster Fest) is a Halloween tradition that has sorta morphed into a new beast in recent years. With the network’s focus on more original programming and its reliance on advertising, the old days are long gone. Shows like The Walking Dead are great and helped boost Fear Fest in recent years, but now the network is branching out to the internet to recapture that classic horror fan base.

Shudder is a brand new beta-streaming service that features more than 200 horror titles ranging from classics to modern entries to the genre. Variety got the exclusive details on the new service:

Consumers who previously signed up on Shudder’s public pre-launch website have started to get invites over the last 24 hours, and can now join the service for two free months. After that, Shudder is charging $4.99 a month, or $49.99 for a full year. An AMC Networks spokesperson confirmed the beta test Tuesday, but said that there’s no firm date yet for Shudder coming out of beta.

Shudder currently offers access to more than 200 movies, including titles like the Korean horror movie “A Tale of Two Sisters,” cult classic “Nosferatu” and Swedish cult vampire movie “Let the Right One In.” The site also features curated collections for topics like “urban decay” or “romantic bloodsuckers.”

The AV Club adds that there will be a separate feed that will show a non-stop schedule of horror films called Shudder.TV, a nod to the classic Monster Fest format that used to give all sorts of films for two full weeks around Halloween.

Now all we need is a return of Joe Bob Briggs and Monstervision to complete this horror nostalgia trip. Make it happen, somebody at Crackle. If you can give us Joe Dirt 2, you can give Joe Bob a horror series.

(Via Variety and The AV Club)