Broadway’s ‘American Psycho’ Musical Gets Hacked From The Lineup

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05.26.16 2 Comments

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Much like one of Patrick Bateman’s unlucky victims, the off-Broadway musical adaptation of American Psycho got axed before it planned on doing so, and now the Broadway run of the story has followed in that production’s footsteps. The American Psycho musical announced it is closing on June 5th after only 81 shows, which makes it the second straight musical starring Benjamin Walker, after Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, to not make it to the 200-performance threshold. Despite some positive reviews, the production just couldn’t catch on with mass audiences. Competition from juggernaut Hamilton probably had something to do with that, as well as the fact that the well-received The Color Purple revival and Eclipsed‘s limited-run occupied theaters on the same block. It’s hard to attract foot traffic when you are fenced in by Oscar winners on all sides.

The announcement comes after the musical was nominated for only two minor Tony Awards – scenic design and lighting design – and consistently failed to sell out night after night. While many expected the production to last through the Tonys, it looks like investors couldn’t wait to put that plastic drop cloth down and hack the underperforming project to oblivion. With all the talent involved in putting it on – including Tony winner Duncan Sheik and nominee Lynne Page

as part of the behind the scenes production team – it seems insane that the show is closing so soon. Alas, not everyone can cut it in the cutthroat world of (show) business. Next time, they’ll need better quality business cards.

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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