Amy Schumer Drops A NSFW Reveal About Patrick Stewart During Her ‘British GQ’ Awards Acceptance Speech

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09.07.16 8 Comments

Amy Schumer won the award for “Woman of the Year” at the British GQ 2016 Men of the Year Awards in London on Tuesday, and her acceptance speech likely popped off a monocle or two in the attending audience. At least this time she knew people would be watching, as she started off by referencing her viral speech at the 2015 Glamour UK‘s Women of the Year Awards, during which she drunkenly told the audience that she was 160 pounds and “can catch a dick whenever I want” after having been told that the video footage was taken purely for archival purposes.

As such, Schumer said that the plan was to keep it “a little lower key tonight,” so really, everybody should have known what was coming. After some cute anecdotes about Brits’ love of the C-word and Bear Grylls, she got into the nitty gritty of her speech:

I want you guys to know, that a lot of the things you hear up here tonight will just be lies. And people will try to say the right thing so that you like them, or they can get more work, but I want you to go home knowing that this is the truth. Patrick Stewart has come all over my tits… more times than even he remembers.

Let’s just say… Michael Caine was not amused.

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