An 11-Year Old Boy Was Excluded From ‘World Book Day’ Because He Was Dressed As Christian Grey

Fifty Shades kid

World Book Day is an annual event that takes place on April 23 and was created with the hopes of convincing today’s kids that it’s still cool to read. However, in the UK, World Book Day takes place on the first Thursday on March because April 23 is already jam-packed with cheeky Easter festivities, and you can’t fit a book inside of a small plastic egg. That means yesterday was officially World Book Day in England, and parents sent their kids to school dressed as classic literary characters, including 11-year-old Liam Scholes, who dressed as Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey.

Complete with plastic zip ties and a blindfold, this dapper boy was ready to show off his unconventional desires on the playground, and naturally, the Sale High School officials were not amused or pleased. Poor Liam was ultimately excluded from World Book Day activities.

His mother Nicola Scholes, a teacher, said the Greater Manchester school ruled the costume was “inappropriate” and excluded her son from photographs.

The school is unavailable for comment.

Ms Scholes said she feels Liam’s outfit was actually more appropriate than some of the costumes worn by others.

She said it was deemed “appropriate for a teacher to dress up as a serial killer” and “acceptable for kids to dress up as people that kill others” and “come in with [toy] guns”.

“Liam was advised to dress as James Bond… but [he] was a promiscuous character who kills people,” she said.

“Personally, I’m more offended by a murderer.” (Via BBC)

Whatever happened to kids dressing as Thing 1 and Thing 2 or the kid whose parents are way too into designing costumes showing up as Romeo in an insane Shakespearean outfit? Christian Grey, Chris Kyle, James Bond… we’re a sexy Hermione away from World Book Day becoming a bad Halloween college pub crawl. But I’ll give Liam a ton of cool points because he says the idea was all his.