Andy Serkis On Directing ‘Breathe,’ Playing Snoke, And ‘The Last Jedi’ Trailer

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Andy Serkis just had to love that the much-anticipated trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiered the night before he was about to do press for his directorial debut, Breathe. (If you can’t tell, that’s sarcasm.) Though, I certainly was excited because Snoke plays a huge role in that trailer and I have a lot of questions about this mysterious Snoke that I was sure that Serkis would answer because if Star Wars movies are anything, they are not shrouded in mystery. (Also sarcasm.) The good news is Serkis is an incredibly good sport and just kind of laughed at me as I asked him questions about Snoke that we both knew he couldn’t answer.

Serkis directed second unit on two of Peter Jackson’s Hobbit films, so this isn’t technically his first time directing. But it’s the first time he’s directed a feature film on his own, though he made it, as he notes below, while on a break from directing Jungle Book, a Kipling adaptation unrelated to the Jon Favreau-directed Disney version. Breathe is the story of Robin Cavendish and Diana Blacker (Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy) — after Robin is paralyzed from the neck down from polio, Diana puts the process in motion to build a chair, which allows Robin to escape the confines of a hospital bed and still lead a full life.

Ahead, Andy Serkis gives us his reaction to the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer and tells us that, no, he doesn’t actually get to wear that fun yellow robe that Snoke wears.

I bet you love that the new Star Wars trailer hit last night, right when your press day happens.

Oh, I know. I know.

I’m sure you planned it this way.


I will have to say about Snoke in that trailer, I’m getting a bad vibe from him.

You’re getting a bad vibe?


Not a good vibe?

I don’t think he’s up to any good.

[Laughs.] I think he’s a nice guy. You know, his mum loves him.

Well, I think he’s up to no good. Maybe it’s a misdirect.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Look, it’s a spectrum, isn’t it?

Let’s come back to Snoke later, but before Breathe, you shot second unit on some big films. Does that help before you take on a full project?

Oh, absolutely.

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