Anne Hathaway Reportedly Sent Her Breakfast Back Four Times

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We can probably take this story with a grain of salt, because you know how everyone just loves hating on ol’ Anne Hathaway, but TMZ is reporting that The Intern star demonstrated some very diva-like behavior while shooting a Japanese commercial on the Paramount lot last week. Supposedly, Hathaway made the very simple and reasonable request of a poached egg with an English muffin and avocado. However, it must have been Mr. Bean in charge of catering that day because she reportedly requested the dish be sent back four times.

The first time, the egg was too runny. The second time, the muffin got cold while waiting for the egg to be recooked. The third time, it was because the egg got cold while the second muffin was being toasted. The fourth time, everything apparently came out fine, but Ms. Hathaway decided that she wanted a fried egg instead.

If this account is true, I can actually excuse the first three attempts. Runny eggs are gross, and anyone with a basic understanding of food prep should understand to keep other components of a dish warm while adjustments are being made. As for her changing her mind and wanting a different kind of egg altogether… well, sorry. I tried my best.

(Via TMZ)