Anne Hathaway Is In Talks To Join Rebel Wilson As This Generation’s ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’

Rebel Wilson’s upcoming remake of a certain Steve Martin and Michael Caine comedy classic is of the belief that Oscar-certified actress Anne Hathaway can be as dirty and rotten as the best of ’em. We believe she can be, so consider us intrigued.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hathaway is in talks to join the planned female-fronted Dirty Rotten Scoundrels update. Nothing’s been officially locked in for Hathaway to join the con-minded comedy, but details about this revamp are starting to come into view. For example, the film has been christened with the I’m With Her friendly title Nasty Women and will feature tech money twist. The “two con artists from different backgrounds” element is still in play, but the object of the leads attention will be a naive tech prodigy.

*opens up umbrella for incoming sh*tstorm where MRA types are enraged the movie’s being redone to show women manipulating dudes with ease*

Hathaway would certainly be an inspired choice opposite Wilson. You wouldn’t know it from James Franco leaving Anne Hathaway in the burning building that was their hosting gig, but Hathaway can be a remarkably funny and charming presence in motion pictures. Plus, all that Catwoman cunning needs an outlet, doesn’t it? Make it happen, movie overlords!

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)