Anne Hathaway Knew Matthew McConaughey Would Win An Oscar After She Became Obsessed With ‘Magic Mike’

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11.01.14 8 Comments

It certainly wasn’t like Woodstock, but Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway stopped by The Graham Norton Show to cut loose and talk about Interstellar a bit before it opens for the rest of us peons on Friday. Good times all around.

It was during this appearance that we found out that Anne Hathaway was obsessed with Magic Mike, particularly the part where McConaughey strips and hangs free for everyone to see. That was the moment she knew he was an Oscar winner. Same thing happened to Art Carney after Ingrid Bergman saw him in a stag film this one time. Right?

Elsewhere during the interview, both actors got a chance to show off their very high-tech zero gravity effects from Interstellar. Certainly a sight to see:

Then we have a highly entertaining clip featuring Mickey Flanagan talking about his wife’s monkey feet. The entire clip is worth it for the bit about Flanagan’s kid’s helicopter getting stuck in the tree.

(Via BBC)

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