‘The Apprentice’ Creator Mark Burnett Was Booed Over His Trump Connection At The PGA Awards

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After a recording was released of Donald Trump talking to Access Hollywood host Billy Bush about sexually assaulting women, many people who opposed such remarks and were appalled that they didn’t further affect his chances at the presidency. Shortly after, Trump’s many detractors realized that if comments like that were caught on tape when Trump knew he was miked up, then there was surely the possibility that many similar things (or worse) could be found on other existing recordings. And where would such tapes come from other than the behind the scenes records of Trump’s own reality show, The Apprentice?

Unfortunately, producer of the show Mark Burnett refused to admit whether there was any compromising information about Trump on the tapes that he had in his possession and declined to release any of them to the public or a reliable news source. Many people took this as Burnett not only protecting his business interests and relationships, but purposefully hiding incriminating evidence of Trump’s terrible behavior so as not to tank his chances of occupying the White House. He insisted it was due to legal restrictions and that he did not actually have permission to release anything on his own.

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