‘Put That Cookie Down! Now!’: Remembering Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Funniest Moments

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07.30.15 6 Comments
Schwarzenegger Addresses State's Water System, Signs Legislative Package

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is a very funny man. Sure, during his 46-year film career, the majority of the 68-year-old Austrian-American actor’s most iconic roles have involved various wide shots of his characters flexing their muscles — most often with the soon-to-be crushed heads of the bad guys trapped between each bicep. Yet whether Schwarzenegger was trying to be funny in comedies like Twins and Kindergarten Cop, or turning action set pieces into comedic opportunities in Last Action Hero, the ex-Governator is quite the cut-up.

To celebrate Arnold’s massive, well-developed, 68-year-old funny bones, we’ve put together 10 of his best comedic moments from his substantial filmography.

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