Asa Butterfield Is Reportedly Marvel’s Newest Spider-Man

Asa Butterfield
Getty Image

For weeks, rumors have suggested that Marvel’s next choice to play Spider-Man would be one of several young male actors that people over the age of 25 have probably never heard of. Now, though, the Internet’s greatest source for anonymously-sourced comic book movie rumors, Latino Review, claims that Peter Parker has been cast, and the fresh-faced web slinger will be played by Asa Butterfield.

This probably doesn’t come as a shock to people who have been following this news, as his name has been mentioned as a frontrunner in just about every other rumor to date, but let’s all promise to act really surprised when and if Marvel makes this official.

This just in: it looks like Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment have found their new shared Spider-Man.

We’ve been sitting on this information since Friday but can confirm now.

Our sources on the ground don’t yet have details of the scope of the new Peter Parker role, but Marvel has said earlier in the year that the character would debut in next springs Captain America: Civil War, which is currently in production. (Via Latino Review)

As with any good rumor and HOT SCOOP, this could turn out to be false and fall apart as fast as it was typed. But it seems like it’s pretty legit, so we can start assuming that Spidey’s role in Captain America: Civil War will be to walk into tense situations so everyone involved will stop and say, “Awwwwww, look at this kid!” Seriously, he looks like Frankie Muniz without the weird Twitter outbursts.