Here’s The First Photo From The Set Of The ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Movie

After playing Apple pioneer Steve Jobs in the Danny Boyle-helmed biopic of the same name, and one of Shakespeare’s most famous characters in the upcoming Macbeth, Michael Fassbender will keep charging ahead with these tour-de-force performances in the highly anticipated film adaptation of Assassins Creed, which is based on the incredibly popular video game series. With this role, Fassbender is continuing on his routine of mixing big budget films like his work of playing Magneto in the X-Men series with dabbling in the grounded, dramatic fair with films like Steve McQueen’s Shame.

The first on set photo of Fassbender is here courtesy of DMC Film on Twitter, and while it’s not anything terribly illuminating of the film itself, hopefully there will be more as the production continues. Standing in front of a sign that reads “Progress requires sacrifice,” all we see of Fassbender himself is the back of his head, although it does seem that he’s in character as Callum Lynch. Reuniting with his Macbeth director Kurzel and costar Marion Cotillard, fans of the original game should be pleased with the talent on board.

Set for a December 21, 2016 release, we have quite a ways to wait for the film. Until then, however, fans can cross their fingers that with Fassbender and company on board, the film won’t go the way of so many other poor film adaptations of video games.

(via DMC Film )