‘Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’ Actress Janet Hubert Tears Apart Will Smith Over The Oscars And The Internet Comes In Hard

Janet Hubert, who played the original Aunt Vivian on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, used this video to go in hard on Will Smith. This speech arrives after Jada Pinkett Smith hinted at a boycott on Twitter. Jada didn’t like the lack of diversity from the past few crops of Oscar nominations, and she was also upset at Will’s perceived snub for Concussion. This omission aligns itself with the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag and can also be observed through the Straight Outta Compton producer, who wrote a powerful letter to the Academy.

Jada thought declining to participate in the Oscars ceremony would work an effect. Spike Lee took things further by officially confirming he wouldn’t attend, and he looked at the larger picture by criticizing the lack of diversity among those who get movies made. Lee’s not simply concerned with the awards, but what’s going on at the studio level. Whereas Jada (and perhaps Will) is focused upon the recognition that the awards present. Perhaps Jada meant to communicate the same sentiments as Lee, but it’s hard to do so in 140 characters or less.

Hubert isn’t impressed with Jada’s perspective. She thinks Jada’s entire reason for complaining has to do with Will’s awards snub, and Aunt Viv waved away Jada’s concerns with these words:

“First of all, Miss Thing, does your man not have a mouth of his own with which to speak? Second thing is, girlfriend, there’s a lot of sh*t going on in the world that you all don’t seem to recognize. People are dying, our boys are being shot left and right, people are hungry, people are trying to pay bills, and you’re talking about some … actors and Oscars. It just ain’t that deep.”

Hubert went on to call out the Smiths for making money from the same system (and with their own production company) they want to boycott. And she turned her attentions to Will:

“Maybe you didn’t deserve a nomination. I frankly didn’t think you deserved a Golden Globe nomination with that accent, but you got one. Just because the world doesn’t go the way you wanted it to go doesn’t mean you can go out and then start asking people to start singing ‘We Shall Overcome’ for you. You ain’t Barack and Michelle Obama, and you need to get over yourselves.”

Hubert also got personal and recounted how the Fresh Prince cast tried to pull together for raises, but the star — Will — didn’t go to bat for his co-stars. She closed by saying, “The only Oscars I care about right now is Oscar Meyer wiener with mustard and relish.” Well, that about sums up Hubert’s feelings. How does Twitter feel?

Some folks can’t wait to see some playback action from Jada.

Many people agree with Hubert or, at least, love the shade being tossed.

Others are shocked at how Hubert went in so hard at Will and Jada.

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