‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Villain Rumors And Plot Synopsis Include Loki’s Return And A Newcomer

Occasionally, a character in a comic book movie will be revealed by a poorly-concealed casting call, and it appears that’s happened again with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Acting Auditions (via Screen Rant) have revealed a villain role being cast in Avengers: Infinity War Part One, and they also say Tom Hiddleston (Loki) will be in the film. So many villains.

As for the new villain, it’s someone who’s already been hinted at in Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: The Dark World. Specifically, his cocoon was hinted at. He’s also in possession of an infinity stone in the comics, so it makes sense to involve him in the films’ Infinity Gauntlet story line. Yes, we’re talking about Adam Warlock and his evil alter ego Magus.

Auditions are now getting underway for the Marvel Studios feature film Avengers: Infinity War – Part I lead and supporting roles. The auditions for new lead and supporting roles will be taking place in Los Angeles, CA. The film is the first in a two-part sequel in which Thanos plays a major role, along with the Magus. Adam Warlock’s bad side, the Magus, separates from his body and assembles the Infinity Gauntlet. Magus creates doppelgangers of Earth’s heroes as part of his plan to recreate a universe of evil. (Via)

We’re not sure if the casting call is just giving a description from the comic books or revealing enormous plot points of the movie. Considering how often casting calls give out information that really shouldn’t have been revealed, neither would surprise us.

The casting call also specifies that everyone has to be eligible to work in London, where (coincidentally?) Doctor Strange has just started production, according to director Scott Derrickson. For what it’s worth, Adam Warlock is also one of those character names bandied about as a possible father for Star-Lord in the movie version, and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is also filming soon.

Oh well, we’re still holding out hope they cast Glenn Howerton as Star-Lord’s dad.

(Via Acting Auditions and Screen Rant)