Marvel Sets The Stage For ‘Civil War’ With A New Viral Clip Featuring Black Widow And The Avengers

Marvel introduced WHIH News back during the build for Ant-Man at the end of Summer 2014, bridging the gap between Age of Ultron and Ant-Man a bit with an appearance by Ant-Man’s Scott Lang — played by Paul Rudd. Now ahead of Civil War, WHIH is back with Leslie Bibb reprising her role as Christine Everhart that she brought to the screen way back in the very first Iron Man film.

This time around, we get the tease about the public’s concerns with the Avengers’ actions around the globe and the destruction they’ve left behind. The main draw here is some footage, possibly shot as a scene from Civil War according to Slash Film, showing Black Widow testifying about the leak we saw at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This is what brought Hydra out of the shadows and also let her past in the open for most to see, so her appearance in such a hearing isn’t a surprise.

Also appearing is Al Madrigal from The Daily Show, playing a political correspondent who seems to have plenty of opinions about The Avengers actions and the collateral damage. The thing that bugs me about all of this is how The Avengers have really only been directly responsible for one of their situations — Ultron — and I’m not sure everybody would know the origin of that issue. Apart from that, the world would’ve been destroyed had it not been for the team saving the day and crashing through things. The Hulk might’ve caused some trouble in Africa, but that also helps prove the benevolence of the team.

Still, the premise of Civil War works and it makes sense that Tony Stark would support some sort of oversight given his problems in the past. I just don’t know how seriously you could take talking heads on the news when they start discussing what The Avengers should and shouldn’t do.

(Via Marvel)