How ‘Back To The Future’ Built The Perfect Time Machine

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Building a time machine is roughly as easy as trying to guess what happens in the future or hydrating a pizza, judging by the lack of time travelers popping up. But it turns out that even building a prop time machine is trickier than it looks, as this exclusive clip from today’s Back to the Future 30th Anniversary Blu-ray.

Of particular interest is that it breaks out not just how the cars were designed, but how they were used; they had one car for general shooting, one car for stunts and effects… and one they sawed in half to use for shots inside Doc Brown’s baby. Interestingly, the DeLorean as conceived by Ron Cobb and Andrew Probert is pretty close to the final prop we see in the movie, a rarity in Hollywood which might explain why it feels so real for something that can’t exist. True, it’s not a working hoverboard, but hey, they’re working on that.