‘Barbie’ Just Took Down That Annoying Harry Potter Kid To Make A Little Worldwide Box Office History

There is no stopping the Barbie train (or Barbie spaceship or Barbie canoe or Barbie deluxe camper). The movie just defeated Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 as the highest-grossing global release from Warner Bros., which shows that maybe that movie would have done better if Hermione was the lead. Just a thought!

Barbie just crossed the $1.34 billion mark, which would be enough money to buy around 4 million Barbie Dream Houses and start your own little commune. Variety also reports that the movie will likely top The Super Mario Bros Movie to become the top film of the year at the global box office. Has anyone checked on Chris Nolan lately?

Meanwhile, Gran Turismo managed to rack up nearly $53 million since its release, while DC’s Blue Beetle underperformed with just $81.8 million. How will James Gunn get out of this one? He really won’t say.

On the other hand, Oppenheimer’s explosion is about to reach the $800 million mark which is, admittedly, a lot of money. But not as much as Barbie, so there’s that. In Nolan’s terms, Oppenheimer has just beaten out Interstellar but hasn’t yet reached Inception levels of box office earnings. Basically, Cillian Murphy is doing okay since he starred in two of those three, so we can celebrate Margot for a little bit while he hopefully eats a nice pasta dinner to celebrate. Same goes for Matt Damon.

(Via Variety)