Little Caesar’s Announces The Batman Calzony, Your New Favorite Pizza-Adjacent Superhero Snack

As with all good high-budget superhero movies, there has to be a completely out-there, semi-chaotic brand tie in. Who would forget the Spider-Man Burger at Burger King? Or the highly sought-after Venom perfume? How about the Fantastic Four Icee? As we gear up for the latest Batman movie to hit theaters, food fans everywhere have been anxiously awaiting who will have the best superhero snack. Enter: Little Caesar’s.

Little Caesar’s, the preferred pizza place to go after both Pizza Hut and Dominos are closed, has introduced their greatest collab yet: The Batman Calzony.

There’s a lot to unpack here! Yes, it’s called a calzony because it’s a take on their Crazy Calzony, which is more or less just pizza with a crust. And yes! It will be in the shape of a bat (if you squint a little). But why Batman? Who knows! Who cares! This is the perfect snack to bring into the theaters on March 4th in order to watch The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson. Pattinson is known to make strange meals in his microwave, so perhaps he will enjoy it. After all, it is named after him.

The pizza-calzone hybrid hit stores today and will cost $7.99.

Here are several other ideas for snacks in case any executives are reading: Batman Bites, Pattinson Pepperoni Rolls, Gotham Garlic Knots…just to name a few.