Get A Load Of Ben Affleck’s Batsuit In ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’

Warner held screenings for the Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice teaser at select IMAX theaters last night. The teaser only had about six more seconds of footage than the leaked version (more on the new footage in a moment), and they gave out these posters and — to really sweeten the deal since most of the footage was leaked — people in attendance reportedly got tickets to see the movie one week early.

After the screening, director Zack Snyder posted the first full reveal of the Batsuit on Twitter. Here’s a larger version:

Here’s a version we brightened a bit in photoshop so you can see more detail.

So it’s not that far off the Frank Miller inspired version it was rumored to be, and they definitely made it look like he’s taken some damage over the years. A cause for so much brooding.

As for the new bit of footage fans got to see in IMAX, /film was there, and they describe a scene added to the very end:

First you see Superman pull up his arm and start to run. Then Batman does the same. Then a shot shows both superheroes running at each other full speed and just when they’re about to collide — it cuts.

I hope the part they cut out was Wonder Woman jumping between them and chiding, “Girls! Girls! You’re both pretty.”