Who Is The Strange Figure Depicted In This ‘Batman V Superman’ Deleted Scene?

Between all of the theatrical release’s easter eggs and comic book references and Zack Snyder’s promised directors cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, fans and critics alike are about to get even more of the caped crusader’s first cinematic encounter with the big blue boy scout. Case in point? A deleted scene titled “Communion” that the official Warner Bros. YouTube channel posted online on Monday.

There may or may not be spoilers in the above video (and the text that follows), so watch (and read) at your own risk.

After Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) gains control of the crashed Kryptonian ship, the computer boasts that its archives hold a wealth of information about hundreds of thousands of worlds. Luthor orders the computer to “tell me everything,” and then the film skips ahead to the villain’s more nefarious plans with Batman, Superman and Zod’s body. By the end of the movie, the imprisoned billionaire seems to know a helluva lot about what’s coming — specifically, the rumored Justice League big baddie whose name rhymes with “park slide.”

So, what’s going on in this deleted scene? It seems a bunch of Metropolis’ finest interrupt Luthor during his tutoring session with the archive, whose holographic projection depicts an overtly demonic figure presenting a bunch of cubes to the new ship commander. Is that figure Satanus, the Parallax, a re-designed Darkseid or neither? Are those cubes Mother Boxes?

If it’s a hint at what Snyder intended Darkseid to look like, the look would be a significant departure from Jack Kirby’s original design. Then again, considering how many different things the filmmaker has done with the property since Man of Steel, it wouldn’t be all that surprising.

At least he isn’t a cloud.