Here Are All The Important Details About ‘Batman V Superman’ Revealed In ‘Empire’

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08.01.15 9 Comments

Empire Magazine

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is fan fiction come to life and as the movie comes ever-closer to dropping into theaters, more and more details are coming out about its production. This month’s Empire magazine had a cover piece on the upcoming Zack Snyder film and Batman News went through the article, picked up on the most important details, and outlined them all for you in one handy post.

While some of the facts revealed in the article are a little less than exciting — for instance, did you know that Zack Snyder has a whiteboard in his office with the entire DC universe sketched out on it?– actually, that’s kind of exciting. Some details—like the fact that Batman’s getting a machine gun—were much bigger surprises.

  1. Batman has already met Joker, Harley Quinn, and the rest of the Suicide Squad. He’s the reason they’re all in prison.

  2. Batman carries a machine gun at one point in the movie.

  3. Bruce Wayne lives in a lake house that Snyder and company call the “Glasshouse”. Wayne Manor still stands, but has been abandoned.

  4. Zack Snyder admits that Christopher Nolan was “taken aback” when he told him he wanted to reinterpret Batman alongside Superman, but he’s fully supportive.

You can read the rest of the important information (including the fact that Ben Affleck chose his own hair style for the movie) over at Batman News, but be warned: Knowing more about the film is going to get you just that more excited about its release. Try to temper your excitement to just this side of frenzy, please.

(Via Empire / Batman News)

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