‘Batman V Superman’ Viral Marketing Reveals More About Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens next March 25, but the viral marketing machine is already grinding into operation with a fake business article about LexCorp published in Fortune on Monday. It reads like everything obnoxious about tech billionaires in San Francisco, with an added benefit that it’s not only parody, but it also reveals a little about this version of Lex Luthor. Mild spoilers ahead, we suppose.

The article reveals Jesse Eisenberg is playing Alexander Joseph Luthor, Jr., rather than Senior. The elder Lex is described as an “East German émigré, who passed away unexpectedly in 2000” and was described by competitors as vicious and by his son as “complicated.” The article namechecks LexCorp’s vegan food truck, Lex’s prized meteorite crystal collection (oooo, foreshadowing), and LexCorp’s many charity donations, second only to the amount of donations from Kord Industries [Blue Beetle] and Wayne Enterprises [Batman].

Basically, Eisenberg’s portrayal of Luthor sounds like what you’d expect: Mark Zuckerberg if Facebook made munitions. You can read the full fake business profile over at Fortune.

(Via Fortune and Screen Rant)