Jesse Eisenberg Hasn’t Seen ‘Batman V Superman’ But He Seems To Prefer The Original Cut

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice has been said to have received “mixed reviews,” which is a nice way of saying critics tend to vary in their opinions from not liking it to also not liking it (currently 29 percent on Rotten Tomatoes).

Jesse Eisenberg (loved him in Juno) recently spoke to MTV about, among other things, his role as Lex Luthor. In the interview, Eisenberg says he wants to play Luthor again, even though he doesn’t want to hear your euphemisms about “mixed” reviews. He’s been pointedly avoiding reading the reviews; it seems he’s of the Jason Momoa school of giving no f*cks. Eisenberg also hasn’t seen the movie, although he says his parents liked it.

He admits he’s uncomfortable watching his own movies and hasn’t seen any of them since Woody Harrelson made him watch 2009’s Zombieland, which is a story he should be telling people about more often. If Woody Harrelson made us watch a movie with him, we’d never shut up about it. Even if it was Rampart. But let’s focus on the film Batman V Superman, people.

Although Eisenberg says he hasn’t seen Batman V Superman, it seems like he may be familiar with some changes made to the film during editing that made his character’s motivations more inscrutable. In response to a question about the Darkseid hints in a deleted scene, he told MTV, “It’s a very complicated mythology that I was able to wrap my head around while we were filming, but I think there were certain editorial choices that I was not aware of that they put in retroactively.”

Between this and Eisenberg suggesting Luthor’s plan will make more sense later, it seems like he’s aware of how many unanswered questions were left about Luthor’s behavior and unexplained insider knowledge. This may come down to how much the movie had to be shortened to fit its already-butt-numbingly-long 150-minute run time. The R-rated cut — which may come to theaters — is three hours long, but there was apparently even more than 30 minutes cut from the PG-13 version. According to editor David Brenner, the original cut was almost four hours long. To paraphrase Bret from the Filmdrunk Frotcast, “That is one long-ass dawn, my friend.”

(Via MTV, Pedestrian, and Screen Rant)