New ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ Rumor Names The Film’s Robin

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock all this time, you know all too well that Zack Snyder’s interpretation of the Batman character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer from San Diego Comic-Con featured a rather telling cameo by his famous sidekick. Well, at least Robin’s suit — or what was left of it after the Joker supposedly got his hands on the boy wonder.

Many suspect Bruce Wayne’s (Ben Affleck) story in the film takes its cues from not only The Dark Knight Returns, but A Death in the Family, in which the Joker murders Jason Todd, the second Robin. The defaced suit suggests this, as does the known plot line regarding the older Batman’s retirement from the vigilante scene. Of course, this all begs the question — who, if anyone, will play Batman v Superman‘s Robin?

Some thought Jena Malone, a past Snyder contributor, was connected to the role — especially since she’d been spotted on the set. Plus, Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns featured a female Robin. Others, such as ourselves, postulated a rather unique theory involving the Joker being a former Robin. According to Heroic Hollywood‘s Umberto Gonzalez, however, Robin’s role is easily deduced:

Zack Snyder’s hot shot quaterback son Eli is supposedly playing the dead Robin that was filmed with Jared Leto.

Eli has starred in his father’s previous films, including 300 as a young Leonidas and Watchmen as a young Rorschach.

He is 6’0″ and weighs 174 pounds. As the starting quarterback, Eli put up good stats at Maranatha High Varsity Football. Watching Eli’s senior highlight reel, he certainly has the youth, athleticism, and physicality to be Robin in real life!

This is all, of course, a complete rumor. Gonzalez admits as much, saying that he’s heard rumblings of Eli’s involvement in the film, but hasn’t been able to confirm anything. So take this with a massive, all-slugs-on-Earth killing grain of salt.

(Via Heroic Hollywood)