The Owner Of That Robin Costume From ‘Batman V Superman’ May Finally Be Confirmed

05.23.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

Warning: The following contains some minor Batman v Superman spoilers.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had its share of issues, but you can’t criticize it for a lack of Easter eggs, and the inside reference people have been most fixated on is the Robin costume we briefly see in the Batcave emblazoned with the words “Joke’s on you, Batman.” Obviously the implication is The Joker killed Robin some time in the past, but which Robin? There’s been a lot of them. In the comics it’s black sheep Jason Todd who gets killed, but the Snyderverse has tweaked and altered enough stuff that it’s been impossible to say with 100 percent certainty that the spray-painted Robin costume belongs to Todd. Well, now we have some actual evidence that points in that direction.

Heroic Hollywood found a video on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour page, in which an official WB tour guide confirms the suit belongs to Jason Todd. Here’s the money quote…

“This was one of the big things from Batman v Superman, right across this way. The Jason Todd Robin suit. Spray-painted on the front ‘Ha ha. The joke’s on you Batman’. Those of you that know the storyline, know what happened to this Robin. Comic-book fans, unite!”

Not the highest-placed source, but it’s the first real confirmation we’ve received. Jason Todd’s death wasn’t the end of his story (death rarely is in comics) – he returned years later as antihero the Red Hood, so that costume belonging to Todd could have some major implications for the future of the DC Expanded Universe. Given Warner Bros. love of grimdark material, it seems pretty likely Under The Red Hood will get adapted eventually.

What do you think? Interested in seeing Jason Todd on screen, or should he remain an Easter egg?

(Via Heroic Hollywood)

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