Ben Affleck Gets Intense As Bruce Wayne In New ‘Batman V Superman’ Videos

Entertainment Editor
01.25.16 4 Comments

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice doesn’t open for another two months, but Warner has been generous — perhaps too generous — with clips from the film. Now they’ve released two new TV spots to coincide with a new poster advertising their Twitter campaign, #WhoWillWin, which kicked off with a video of Zack Snyder requesting people tweet an emoji for whichever superhero they think will win. Be right back, we have to go flood the hashtag with eggplant and poo emoji. Whoever wins, we eggplant eggplant winky face.

The first TV spot (above) features the totally ripped Bruce Wayne intensely explaining to Alfred why Superman is too much of a potential threat to humanity to live. And here’s the second TV spot, featuring that same “The Bat is dead” clip Zack Snyder brought to Conan two weeks ago.

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