The ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Movie Has A Writer And (Maybe) A Director

That long-promised Battlestar Galactica movie is taking a big step towards finally happening. Universal confirmed today via Variety that the writer of HBO’s Westworld, Lisa Joy, has been selected to pen the script for the upcoming big-screen adaptation of the acclaimed sci-fi franchise. And while it hasn’t been made official yet, the rumor is that they’re eyeing Francis Lawrence, director of the controversial Constantine film and decidedly less-controversial Hunger Games films, to direct.

Battlestar debuted on television in 1978 and spawned countless spinoffs across various mediums, including books, television, comics, and more. However, its recent popularity is largely due to the 2004 reboot of the show, one of the first great explicitly post-9/11 American television shows. Eschewing the original’s camp for intense political drama and philosophical commentary on what it means to be human, the show enjoyed a four-season run and critical acclaim, even if its finale ended up proving to be one of the most polarizing last episodes of all time.

X-Men franchise director Bryan Singer had been attached to direct the film previously, but is no longer associated with the production. Given the recent reception of his latest film, X-Men: Apocalypse, this could be a good thing. Lawrence’s Hunger Games films (he directed all but the first in the series) are critically acclaimed, especially the second installment, Catching Fire. With solid experience in directing dystopian science fiction, Lawrence will likely be a great fit for Battlestar‘s big franchise debut when it finally arrives.

Source: (Variety)