Behold ‘Turbo Kid’, The Post-Apocalyptic BMX Movie You Didn’t Know You Needed

’80s pastiches are popular these days, largely thanks to the fact that people like yours truly have grown up, somehow convinced actual grown adults to give us money to make movies, and then started filming the ideas we first dreamed up while writing on a Trapper Keeper. Turbo Kid appears to be the latest entry, and it mashes up two deserving ’80s fads: the BMX bike and the Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic action flick.

Yes, that is the bad guy from Total Recall. In fact, why don’t we take a closer look at how absurdly gory this movie is?

Created by the Montreal comedy troupe Roadkill Superstars, Turbo Kid has been doing surprisingly well for a goofy ’80s pastiche. It’s shown at Sundance, it’s screening today at SXSW, and it will likely get a theatrical release before too long. Really, this is America. If there’s one thing we can do, it’s put a movie where a man gets his face slammed into a blender on every screen in the country.