Apparently, Doc Brown Says Bernie Sanders Is Going To Be President In The Future

Bernie Sanders is roaming the countryside in search of votes and reasonably priced pastrami (quest of my people) and Christopher Lloyd is walking around dressed like Doc Brown making appearances and popping up in videos in celebration for Back to the Future day… or that’s just how he dresses all the time. Naturally, these two white-haired life panthers were going to bump into each other at some point, and so they did backstage in Brooklyn at a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live; as is evidenced by a tweet released by Bernie Sanders’ official twitter account.

Why make a big deal about a politician taking a picture with an actor (who he magically calls, “Future Boy”)? Well, apparently Doc Brown brings news from the future: Bernie Sanders is going to be the President of these United States in 2017, which means, I suppose, that Larry David will soon have a regular gig on Saturday Night Live again. One thing, though: if you’re watching the Cubs get beat by the Mets or you’ve noticed the stunning lack of flying cars and fax machine relevancy, you’ve probably realized that Doc Brown’s version of the future is suspect, at best. Sorry, Bern. Sorry, Larry. Sorry, “Future Boy.”

And in case you missed it…