The Best Action Movies On Amazon Prime Right Now

04.16.19 1 month ago
beat action movies on amazon prime


Last Updated: April 16th

Superhero blockbusters and Jurassic-sized sequels are great to watch at the theater but if you’re craving a bit of action without the crowded, dingy ambiance of your local cinema, never fear, Amazon’s got you covered. The streaming platform has added a slew of titles guaranteed to get the heart thumping just a bit faster with its action-oriented slate of options. Looking for a space epic full of interstellar battles and a wickedly-fun origin story? They’ve got it. How about a high-stakes chase on horseback through the Old West? Because that’s definitely there. Or, if you’re hunting for something a bit more realistic, why not try a couple of tense, bullet-ridden biopics about war in the Middle East? Whatever your fancy, if it’s action (movies that is. We can’t help with anything else.) you’re searching for, Amazon is the place to go to.

Here are some of the wildest, exhilarating titles currently in the Amazon Prime library that are sure to get your blood pumping.

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Star Trek (2009)

Run Time: 127 min | IMDb: 8/10
JJ Abrams revived the Star Trek franchise nearly 10 years ago in much the same way he would eventually undertake a new chapter in the Star Wars universe: namely, a lot of lens flares, elaborately-planned action sequences, and a bit of quick-witted humor. It more than worked for this Spock/Kirk origin story, which focused on the two space venturing peers before they were on friendly terms. Chris Pine is all cocky bravado and misplaced daddy issues as Kirk, a rogue, if talented, captain in the making with a healthy aversion to authority. His foe-turned-ally Spock, is a man conflicted, straddling between two worlds both externally and internally. There’s plenty of bromance here, a few space battles, and some good-natured fun.


Iron Man 2 (2010)

Run Time: 124 min | IMDb: 7/10

There’s a lot to love about the return of Downey Jr. to the role of Tony Stark in Iron Man 2. We meet Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, we’re treated to a hellishly-fun villain in Sam Rockwell, and the look of the film is worlds above its predecessor. In the grand scheme of the Marvel universe, this flick isn’t a stand-out, but it’s an enjoyable watch, thanks to Downey Jr.’s complete comfortableness in the role of the billionaire-playboy-philanthropist-superhero.

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